Dale Smith President

I attended Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, PA originally intending to be a teacher, but graduating with degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and Education. I worked my way through school taking several jobs including automating the university’s mailing list using the newly acquired Data General minicomputer. Upon graduation I took the easy way out and started my first business developing customer software. I developed many interesting applications including a horse race track, fitness center, beer distributor and roller skating rink. I next went on to help found United Sales & Service, a company that provided authorized printer repair services and custom programming. I eventually took the company over and rebranded us to Alliant Technology Group. I have transformed the company from a simple break-fix business to an IT managed services provider. Our success and growth have come from the trust placed in us by our customers. I look forward to adding additional services for our customers and leading
alliant into the future.

Joel Heiner Service Delivery Manager

I’m a still pretty newly married 29 year old that loves computers and has since he was a kid. Just want to be the best husband, employee and leader that I can be. I want to be seen as the guy that people turn to when something goes wrong, because even if I don’t have the answer, I can definitely figure it out.

Alliant technology has become a home for me, a place that I love to work and that I see a future with. I look forward to being a part of this company as it continues growing towards the potential that I know it’s capable of.

Melissa Mead-Epps Office Manager

I love working with our customers and helping resolve any possible issues they may have. I have been with Alliant for a little over 2 years now. I came here after my career as a supermodel tanked.

Ray Adams Director Marketing

Before coming to Alliant I worked at Progressive Insulation & Windows in Chatsworth, CA, as Contract Manager and Marketing Manager. I worked there six years and learned many interesting things about energy efficient homes. It was a great experience! Someone once said, “A face is only pretty if it’s seen.” Our job is to get the face of Alliant visible on the Internet through a vigorous web presence marketing program. I have enjoyed working with Alliant in this regard both as a consultant since 2010, and now as a direct part of the Alliant Team since 2014. Dale Smith leads the Alliant team with an exciting vision of the future face of Alliant.

Ronan Tanguy Help Desk

I started working for Alliant in the summer of 2012 after completing my bachelor’s degree in physics. Since then I’ve enjoyed assisting clients with technical difficulties that they have encountered.

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