We provide monitoring, maintenance and all required services. The cornerstone of our service are the tools that we use to keep your server running smoothly.

  • Monitoring – The server will be constantly monitored. We check for issues that will prevent you from operating efficiently. Security updates and security software are checked to make sure they are installed and running correctly. When issues do occur, we act immediately to resolve the issue so that your server is available when you need it. We notify when issues occur and provide status updates as they are resolved.

  • Maintenance – Our agents perform regular automated maintenance on the server to ensure that it performs well at all times. We install service packs and other updates as recommended by Microsoft and other vendors. These tasks are performed afterhours and are often neglected or require a technician to perform at extra cost.

  • Service – Our Alliant Advantage Complete Care plan includes whatever service is required to keep your server running. Our services include everything relating to the care of your server and the applications it supports.


We provide monitoring, maintenance and service for your workstations. Our tools help make the difference and include remote diagnostics to help resolve user issues fast.

Network Monitoring

We believe it is important to be proactive about potential network issues rather than to be reactive. We monitor all aspects of your network so that issues are identified early and small problems don’t turn into large ones. Our goal is to keep your network always running and available when you need it. Our Network Monitoring is continuous and includes the following.

Server Access

Server monitoring for critical services that affect your ability to access your network.

Network Monitoring

We provide advanced LAN and WAN network monitoring. All of our services integrate with our ticketing system allowing us to manage and respond quickly to all issues.

Patch Management

Employment of automated patch management with whitelisted security alert processing. Before installing any security patches, we employee a whitelist service that checks to make sure the patches will not do more harm than good.

Automated maintenance

Automated maintenance on your server and workstations to prevent performance and stability issues

Vendor Management

We manage your IT related vendors for you. When you have problems third party applications or services we’ll talk to them on your behalf. When the Internet slows down or stops working we’ll intercede with your ISP. When email stops or spam increases we work with Microsoft to resolve Office 365 problems.

  • ISP Vendor

  • Hardware Vendors

  • Line of Business Software Vendors

  • Microsoft Office 365

Alliant Support

You can think of us as your own IT department. We’re just located in a different office. When there is a problem we often know it before you. When you need us, you can reach us in a variety of different ways.

You can call us. We answer our phones daily from 8 to 5. There is seldom a wait to reach a technician. Our service level agreements (SLA) state we will respond within an hour, but you will typically receive immediate help. Outside of our normal hours, we have on-call technicians available. Our phone system provides a direct connection to the on-call technician’s cell phone.

You can send us an email message. We invested in the best ticketing system in the industry. When an email message arrives, a service ticket is automatically created and an email sent back to you providing you with a ticket number and acknowledging that we have received your issue. Once in our ticketing system your issue will be assigned to a technician within 15 minutes.

You can access our web-based ticketing system directly from our web site to create, update or view the status of your issues. The ticketing system provides you access to all current and past service issues. Any tickets created through our web portal will be assigned to a technician within 15 minutes.

Alliant NOC Services

  • A key component of our service are the agents that we install on your server and workstations. These agents provide several different functions that help keep you running and running efficiently.

  • Remote diagnostic tools provide us with the ability to not only see your desktop remotely allowing us to help you resolve issues immediately, but our tools include advanced remote diagnostics. While working on an issue with you, we can see what’s going on “under the hood”. These tools help us resolve problems faster.

  • Monitoring agents continuously collect performance and event data from your server and workstations. This allows us to be preventative instead of reactive. This data is fed to our NOC where it is evaluated. Tickets are automatically created for issues that require attention and if an issue threatens your operation our NOC teams calls us directly so that we can take immediate action.

  • Maintenance agents perform common maintenance tasks on all servers and workstations. These tasks would normally need to be completed manually and often don’t get done at all. They help make sure your server and workstations run well and don’t experience the performance issues that we often see as computers age.

  • Inventory agents allow us to provide you with a wide range of reports about your hardware, network performance, installed software, updates installed, malware removed and many others.