Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Alliant Advantage Managed Services Program

Alliant Advantage IT Managed Services Programs

We do things a little bit differently than other technology service providers. Most other providers use the break/fix model – when something breaks you call and they come and fix the problem, when they can.

We are a managed services infrastructure provider.

Your infrastructure includes the servers, desktops and network equipment that you depend on to run your business. Our goal is to eliminate any down time within your infrastructure. If something does stop working we usually know about it before you and have already begun the process to fix it before we call you.

We do this through a variety of methods.

  • First, we install software agents on your server and desktop computers.

These software agents perform several tasks for us from monitoring current operations to a diagnostic of problem areas.

Primarily they monitor the key hardware and operating system components to make sure they are working as they should. If something is not working correctly the software sends an alert to the on duty engineer identifying the need for avoidance measures or immediate intervention. Big problems we take action on right away and smaller problems we work on before they become big problems.

The software agent also tracks hardware and software inventory on each machine, provides a mechanism for running our maintenance utilities and provides secure state-of-the-art remote access capabilities. Maintenance keeps the entire network from developing issues that threaten business critical processes.

Maintenance includes keeping servers and workstations updated with the most recent system patches. Patches keep your network compatible with the rest of the world of computers and protect the security of your systems. Maintenance also enables the deployment of company software from a central distribution point and Exchange email transaction monitoring, all in a secure environment.

One very helpful tool of remote monitoring and management is the remote diagnostic agent. This free service that Alliant provides even initially to prospective customers is a non-intrusive software agent that evaluates and assesses the network of computers providing invaluble information for businesses evaluating the benefits. The remote diagnostics agent can be run on individual workstations as well to find that elusive cause of the problem.

  • Secondly, we have a Network Operations Center (NOC) staffed with engineers that use a combination of automated and manual processes to keep track of the large amounts of monitored data that we receive.

The NOC operates continuously 24×7. A NOC engineer calls when a critical component isn’t working, day or night.

  • Finally, included with all Alliant Advantage programs is access to our Service Desk.

Alliant’s Service Desk technicians understand your network infrastructure and can answer general questions that you might have.

No more waiting days for a return call or an onsite visit. The average wait time for a technician is 3 minutes.

With your permission, technicians access your desktop computer remotely to guide you through a problem.

We now fix 85% of all service requests remotely.


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