We will provide services that backup your server, provide business continuity should something happen to your server and disaster recovery services should something happen to your server room or offices. We will install a backup server appliance, software on your server and provide cloud storage for your data.

Backup of files and folders

An image backup is performed of the entire server every hour. Multiple backup versions are kept allowing recovery from points in time past. Recovery of any file is available in a minute or two.

Business Continuity

Our backup solution offers server virtualization, which will minimize down time due to a total server loss. The backup appliance will duplicate the downed server on a virtual machine until it can be physically repaired or replaced. This can be completed in minutes.

Disaster Recovery

The backup solution will provide disaster recovery services by securely sending your backup images to offsite secure data centers. If necessary the server can run virtualized in the cloud and accessed from any Internet connection.

BDR Plan

We will also create and implement a complete IT disaster recovery plan. This plan will outline the specifics as to what will occur in case of any type of disaster and how the business can recover and continue with all data intact.

Installation, maintenance and monitoring

Everything is included to make sure your backups are running correctly. We even run regular daily tests to be certain that the backed up data can be accessed and offer screen shots of your recovered server as proof.