Alliant Technology is a Managed IT Services Provider

Medical check ups are regular and frequent. Why? Because even though you feel fine, things are changing where you cannot see, collecting where you don’t want it to collect and causing problems you don’t want to face. So we do preventative maintenance at the doctor’s office. And it just makes good sense.

Not surprisingly, computer network systems need check ups also. And because, for the most part, bodies are more durable, computer systems need monitoring daily to keep business from going down at an inopportune time.

How is it done?

1 Software agents are placed on each machine to be monitored, workstations and servers, which collects data on the health of the particular device. How’s the hard drive? How about the RAM? Any virus issues? Running slow? Running hot? Strange OS anomalies?

2 Everything is sent back to the Network Operating Center (NOC) and analyzed. Over time, patterns emerge that are significant predictors of approaching problems.

3 When approaching problems reach critical status, an alert is sent to Alliant. We check the problem and recommend pro-active steps to take to keep the problem from generating further serious consequences.

4 With client approval, Alliant takes the corrective steps and the system continues to run smoothly, seemingly without end. Great system!

Now with centralized data available to the entire business and encompassing all elements from financial to CRM, to lose even a part of your network of computers and servers would minimally slow the business process at the weakest link and could possibly spell full business disaster.

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Dale Smith


I attended Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, PA originally intending to be a teacher, but graduating with degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and Education. I worked my way through school taking several jobs including automating the university’s mailing list using the newly acquired Data General minicomputer. Upon graduation I took the easy way out and started my first business developing customer software. I developed many interesting applications including a horse race track, fitness center, beer distributor and roller skating rink. I next went on to help found United Sales & Service, a company that provided authorized printer repair services and custom programming. I eventually took the company over and rebranded us to Alliant Technology Group. I have transformed the company from a simple break-fix business to an IT managed services provider. Our success and growth have come from the trust placed in us by our customers. I look forward to adding additional services for our customers and leading Alliant into the future.

Marianne McCarty

Technical Operations Manager

I’ve been in the IT field for over 20 years. Most of my experience has been in the staffing industry. I’ve held various IT positions and understand what it’s like to be on the front lines as well as a manager. First and foremost, I believe the key component to a successful support team is providing excellent customer service. My goal is to continue to strive towards excellence as there is always room for improvement. With my strong work ethic and dedication, I plan to lead our team to challenge themselves towards this goal.

I hope customers never have issues, but if they do, my ambition is to insure that these matters are resolved successfully and quickly. I recognize the importance of taking ownership of issues whether it’s resolving a problem or enhancing the existing operation. I also understand the critical role that IT plays in our customers’ business and the sense of urgency that is required by our team to provide the level of support they need to be successful.

I’m excited by this endeavor and what I bring to further the vision for Alliant. My husband, two children and two dogs share in that excitement.

Audrey Wong

Payroll & Operations Manager

With an optimistic eye and helping hand, I hope to leave a positive mark on all those around me. I aim to do so, one motivational song lyric at a time.

I graduated from Cal State LA with a degree in Communication Studies and a certificate in Marketing. I started working at Alliant Technology in November 2017 and can honestly say that this company is filled with kind-hearted, hard-working people who genuinely care about their customers. I’m excited to be part of such an amazing team!

When I’m not at work, you can find me playing basketball and pool or singing karaoke. I enjoy spending time with my two dogs: one acts like a cat and another looks like a loaf of bread. Both are incredibly destructive, but absolutely lovable. I also love tacos.

Chris Gardner

System Engineer

I grew up in Temple City CA and attended Mt Sierra College in Monrovia receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Technology on 2011. I am fairly new to Alliant, starting in October 2014, but so far I have found them to be a great company. Prior to coming to Alliant I was with Source One Staffing in Irwindale for ten years as their Information Technology Admin. Computers and technology is not my only passion. One of my main hobbies is Amateur Radio. I have been a licensed radio operator since 2009. It’s a fun and relaxing hobby where I am making new friends all the time and always learning new and interesting things.

Brian Sitz

System Technician

Multifaceted individual in anything technical. I graduated UC Irvine with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering. I have worked as a computer technician, a manufacturing engineer and system engineer, where I’ve gained knowledge in IT, web development, networking, and customer support. On my time off, I adopted a healthy appetite for the gym and possess an affinity to laugh at live comedian clubs and relax at the big screen.

Virgil Bryant

Systems Technician

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I graduated from Temple City High School in 2005. After a short try at college, I joined the workforce. Over the next ten years or so, I worked just about every job you can imagine. To name a few: waiter, delivery driver, retail, customer service, sales representative and security guard.

In 2017, I decided to go back to school to get my bachelor’s degree and have been attending Mt. Sierra College in Monrovia ever since. I will have my degree in information security at the end of 2020.

My free time is spent playing bass guitar, singing, petting dogs, playing video games and cooking/eating with my friends and family.

I am honored to be part of the Alliant team. In every way, working here has been a blessing. It has been both challenging and fulfilling, and I’m really enjoying spending time with all of the incredible people at this company.

Ray Adams

Director Marketing

Before coming to Alliant I worked at Progressive Insulation & Windows as Contract Manager and Marketing Manager. I worked there six years and learned about energy efficient homes. It was a great experience! Someone once said, “A face is only pretty if it’s seen.” Our job is to get the face of Alliant visible on the Internet through a vigorous web presence marketing program, which we call Alliant Web Services. I have enjoyed working with Alliant in this regard both as a consultant since 2010, and now as a direct part of the Alliant Team since 2014. Dale Smith leads the Alliant team with an exciting vision of the future face of Alliant.