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Alliant Does Technical Analysis as an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Medical checkups and Technical checkups are both necessary - part of Alliant Remote Monitoring


Medical check ups are regular and frequent. Why? Because even though you feel fine, things are changing where you cannot see, collecting where you don’t want it to collect and causing problems you don’t want to face. So we do preventative maintenance at the doctor’s office. And it just makes good sense.

Not surprisingly, computer network systems need check ups also. And because, for the most part, bodies are more durable, computer systems need monitoring daily to keep business from going down at an inopportune time.


How is it done?

[column]1 Software agents are placed on each machine to be monitored, workstations and servers, which collects data on the health of the particular computer. How’s the hard drive? How about the RAM? Any virus issues? Running slow? Running hot? Strange OS anomalies?
[/column][column]2 Everything is sent back to the Network Operating Center and analyzed. Over time patterns emerge that are significant predictors of approaching problems.[/column][column]3 When approaching problems reach critical status, an alert is sent to your Managed Service Provider (Alliant). We check the problem and recommend pro-active steps to take to avoid the consequences of the problem at termination.[/column][column]4 With client approval, Alliant makes the corrective steps and the system continues to run smoothly, seemingly without end. Great system.[/column][/column-group]
Now with centralized data available to the entire business and encompassing all elements from financial to CRM, to lose even a part of your network of computers and servers would minimally slow the business process at the weakest link and could possibly spell full business disaster.


Alliant Advantage Service Program keeps the system up and running all the time.

  • IT managed services infrastructure provider.AASP
  • Your infrastructure includes the servers, desktops and network equipment that you depend on to run your business.
  • Our goal is to eliminate any down time within your infrastructure.
  • If something does stop working we usually know about it before you and have already begun the process to fix it before we call you.
  • Remote Monitoring-Management software agents send a constant flow of data on the health of your entire network and each element within it.
  • Based on common trends we are able to predict where the weakest link will be before it breaks.
  • The reliance on break-fix is set aside providing the business owner the ability to plan for needed equipment updates and services.


Respecting the Value of Your Business Data